Hahn Plastics

From pioneer to quality leader

What makes the world of hanit® unique

Back in 1993, HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH was one of the first companies to manufacture new plastic products from used plastics. This is typically referred to as upcycling rather than recycling. Unlike many companies that disappeared from the market after the gold-rush atmosphere faded, we asserted ourselves.

Right from the start, we have consistently promoted the development of hanit®. It’s a material that outrivals wood, steel, stainless steel, new plastic and concrete. This is because it is more robust, lighter and more durable, and it also offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Above all else, hanit® is highly flexible thanks to its product-specific composition. We find the right recipe for every application. All raw material mixtures and products are manufactured in-house. We have over 200,000m² manufacturing facilities in Canada, UK and Germany.


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