Que Fresco Ltd

Que Fresco is the UK and Ireland distributor of five industry leading barbecue brands, a partnership based on quality, longevity and sustainability. Together we continually focus to achieve on time in full supply, zero returns and demand generation with comprehensive brand support.

Monolith Kamado Grills – Ceramic barbecues are a key growth area of the BBQ sector and this German brand leads the way in construction quality and innovation. An extensive range of accessories complements the range of 4 lifetime warrantied models. https://monolith-grill.eu/uk/

Smokey Olive Wood – EU sourced range of wood dust, chips, chunks and pellets used to flavour and fuel cold / hot smoking and barbecue cooking. A bi-product of the Spanish fruit and nut industry, this range of sustainable solar dried woods is available in 6 distinct aromatic flavours. https://www.smokeyolivewood.com/en/welcome/

BBQ Guru – Control the temperature of your charcoal barbecue and ensure that your food is done exactly to your liking. With the most comprehensive range of fan adapters, technologically advanced phone app connectivity, BBQ Guru is the pit controller brand name that everyone recognises. https://bbqguru.com/

Ozpig - The original Aussie bush campfire cooker and the new “Big Pig” offer convenience and endless cooking options, the ambience of an open fire and versatility as a patio heater. Whether on the move or at home, Ozpig & Big Pig create a toasty way to extend the barbecue season. https://ozpig.com.au/

Pit Barrel Cooker - Simply cooks some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, with no hassle, due to the 360º All-Round Heat Dynamics™ https://pitbarrelcooker.com/

All brands are stored in one central UK warehouse to optimise re-order flexibility.

Que Fresco is a family business whose mission is to provide the best in barbecue, enjoy barbecue cooking and not to destroy the planet. We monitor the environmental cost of running our business and strive to remain in balance by supporting Rewilding Britain.


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