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Snaffling Pig's goal in life is to get people talking. We know when food or drink is involved, conversation flows and people loosen up. We create indulgent products that encourage conversation and lighten the mood.

WE THINK IF SOMETHING IS WORTH DOING, IT’S WORTH DOING PIGGIN’ RIGHT. That’s why we always set out to make the finest, most awesome flavoured pork snacks possible. Thankfully, the good judges at the Great Taste Awards shared our view (hurrah!) as we have received NINE GREAT TASTE AWARDS. Since then, we have launched the world’s first pork crackling cookbook, a range of tasty tipples, our infamous advent calendars and our own, now legendary, range of kamado-style BBQs and accessories.

Our Pig Bluey BBQs are stove cookers that let you grill, smoke, roast, cook or bake some of your favourite foods. Built in a timeless, Japanese kamado-style, the Pig Bluey BBQ lets you cook your way – whether raging hot or smokin' low – with easily adjustable temperature control. Both Snaffling Pig's Pig Bluey BBQs are MEGA efficient when it comes to cooking and need very little charcoal to get them going.


Bold & blue. Fancy thermometer fitted to the outside lid. Cast iron ventilation cap which helps to control the airflow and therefore the internal temperature. Made of high-temperature resistant ceramics. 16-inch cooking grid (perfect for a whole chicken, couple of ribs or some big ol' juicy steaks). Stainless steel door at the base for ash collection and airflow. 2-year warranty.


16-inch cooking grid (perfect for a whole chicken, couple of ribs or some big ol' juicy steaks). Weighs in at 43kg and is 47cm wide, 57cm high.


Frequently bought with Pig Bluey: Trotters of elevation; Cover of darkness; BBQ rack of smokiness; Pizza base of stone; Box of body smokiness; Deflector of piggin' heat and many more!


"...It’s hard to see how you could go wrong with the Pig Bluey." The Independent, May 2021

"By far this BBQ is the best I’ve ever owned or had the privilege to use. Very efficient on charcoal and you can cook for 6 people easily on a small amount. The vents and temperature controls are awesome too. Have smoked brisket, salmon and pork on it too. Buy one now or you will regret it!" Tristan, August 2021

"So bright, so heavy, such good quality. building it was simple enough. Cured it as the instructions said and cooked a steak on it on the first night. Lovely smokey taste and didn't use much charcoal." Sue, June 2021

"Love this. Don't regret it in the slightest. Yes, £500 could be seen as a lot for a BBQ, but its cheaper than the other kamados and its still worth every penny. My brisket was so good!" Harry, June 2021

Let's make the piggin' BBQ magic happen!


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