Requirements to join LOFA

Membership may be awarded to companies trading in garden furniture, barbecues and/or their accessories, outdoor play equipment and outdoor garden lighting, provided that they are:

  1. A UK or Irish based Manufacturer
  2. A distributor of an exclusive brand, holding stocks in the UK or Ireland, or a non-UK based company with a subsidiary or an authorised representative operating in the UK or Ireland.

Provided that:-

no more than 30% of the applicant's total product sales/business, is conducted through its own retail premises or direct to the public (which for the sake of clarity includes internet sites). Companies that are not 100% trade should be prepared to demonstrate the veracity of this percentage at the pre-joining visit (e.g. sales ledger or top 20 trade customer list etc.). The confidential nature of this information is accepted, and the visitor will review the information and a note on compliance will be given to the LOFA Secretary and not used for general distribution the applicant's business is conducted through bona fide commercial premises (registered offices (non-residential) and distribution warehouse (holding stock)); and no brand name is represented more than once.

If you manufacture, import or supply any form of cushions as part of your product portfolio, you will be required to be part of/join the LOFA Assured scheme. This will involve a full audit of your FFSR (1988) compliance, by an independent auditor as a pre-cursor to your membership being approved. This audit will be charged to potential members at £500, payable before the audit take place.

Application Process

On receipt of an application form, there is a process to be followed which leads to a membership decision by Council.

The Application form must be signed in the relevant places and returned in hard copy to the LOFA Office, accompanied by a copy of the Company's latest Trade Catalogue, Trade Price List and Trade Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If membership is approved, the Company will be invited to complete all the relevant Association documents, including Annual Review of Trade and LOFA Code of Practice, and these must be received at the LOFA office before membership is ratified.

The LOFA Code of Practice is reviewed from time to time and members are required to review the on-line version to ensure that they have the latest information.