Eco Fuego

The inception of The Crop Candle Company Ltd marked the genesis of Frost Protection Candles tailored specifically for the UK Vineyard industry. In 2020, the market exclusively featured paraffin candles. This prompted us to take a pioneering step by becoming sponsors of SWGB (Sustainable Wines of Great Britain), standing shoulder to shoulder with esteemed names like Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose. Our mission was clear: develop a candle that minimized CO2 emissions, prioritized eco-friendliness for vineyards, and maintained the high standards of burn time and heat output.

In 2020, The Crop Candle Company Ltd revolutionized vineyard frost protection with eco-friendly candles. Partnering with SWGB and brands like Marks and Spencer, we introduced 100% vegetable wax candles, reducing CO2 emissions while enhancing burn time and heat output. Today, we supply top UK vineyards like Nyetimber and Simpsons.

Building on this success, we created El Fuego for homes. This portable fire pit offers a clean, consistent flame with 90% less CO2 emissions than traditional pits. With wax refills providing 8 hours of burn time, it’s perfect for sustainable outdoor heating. Join us in bringing eco-friendly warmth to every garden.


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