Katie Blake by Glencrest Seatex

The company began trading in 1981 and started cushion production in September 1983. Initially producing for our own needs we were soon approached by importers and wholesalers to produce for them, this saw the start of rapid growth. From the beginning we knew that our customers would need high quality, design led products and this remains our prime objective.

Specialising in Garden and Cane Furniture Cushions our business continued to flourish and soon reached production of over 2000 cushions per day still based at our Wickford Factory. Clearly bigger premises were needed and in 2001 we took production to the Far East allowing us to produce high quality cushion cases at very competitive prices finishing them in the UK to our high and exacting standards and in line with British Standard 5852 Fire and Safety regulations.

Over the years we have increased our colour pallet and designs now offering three collections at different price levels, seventeen fabric designs and nine cushion sizes in each range. Offering the widest selection in the UK, carrying stock throughout the year and with repeat orders delivered very quickly we are the Brand Leaders in our field.

Our continued success comes from a determination to offer both top of the range product quality and design and a genuine commitment to our customer care programme and is why this season we will celebrate 25 years in the business. We would like to thank all of our customers for their unfailing support and re-state our commitment to supply an ever increasing range of Glencrest Seatex cushion options.


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